Banten Restaurant

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PT Banten Restaurant dan Katering

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Restaurant dan Katering

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About Brand

Banten Resto brand developed by PT Banten Restaurant and Catering is present as an international-class traditional restaurant. The restaurant, which was first presented at the Outbound Baduy Tourism Area, was inaugurated in October 2016 by the Governor of Banten. The next restaurant is at Gaido Plaza, in Pamulang, South Tangerang.

As the name implies, Banten Resto serves traditional Banten menus such as Solempat Bakar, Gonjleng Rice, Sambal Ulek, Sambal Sumur Tujuh, Eel Cobek, Soft Spines, Fried Chicken and others. Even so, this restaurant also serves a menu of the archipelago and other international digawangi experienced chefs.

Banten Resto always upholds the delicious taste, halal license from MUI and its hygiene. No wonder the Banten Resto is believed to be the official catering at the Banten Expo 2017 event held in the framework of the 17th Anniversary of Banten Province.