Black Kebab

Company Name

CV. Black Kebab Indonesia

Company Activity

Culinary specialize Black Kebab

Establish Year 


Country of Origin


Number of Branches


Franchise Fees /Unit

USD 5000

Franchise Fees /City

USD 25.000

Franchise Fees /Reg.

USD 60.000

Royalty Fees

USD 100

Marketing Fees

USD 100

About Brand

Black Kebab was founded in 2015 in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. Established by Mr. Ricky Ferdinan Sutrisno, S.T., M.T. From 1 branch until now 2021, Black Kebab has 218 branches. The unique about Black Kebab is that the black tortillas from ingredients that are safe for the body if eaten cold still crispy and tasty. Beside that Black Kebab also has a special menu that is not in other kebabs, namely triple cheese with cheese tortillas. Another special thing from Black Kebab is the hexagon shaped packaging and how to make it easier to eat kebabs by tearing.Black Kebab being favorite children, teenager, adult, etc. Average sale quantity 80-130 pieces/day/outlet. Black Kebab had been 27 national awards and 3 international awards (SME 100 in 2019 and in 2020 from Malaysia and Le Fonti TV Awards from Italy).