Kiva Han Coffee

Company Name

Ajmal Al Fra`ed

Company Activity


Establish Year 

Country of Origin

United States

Number of Branches

Franchise Fees /Unit

150.000 SR

Franchise Fees /City

Franchise Fees /Reg.

Royalty Fees

5.5 %

Marketing Fees

2 %

About Brand

KIVA HAN is named after the world’s first coffee shop that opened in Constantinople (Istanbul), in Turkey 1475.
Long time ago coffee had a great importance. For this reason, the Turkish law deemed it is legal for a woman to divorce her husband if he failed to provide her with her daily cup. Until now, coffee is still just as significant to us. Therefore, KivaHan family aim to bring the entire experience that is the coffee roasting process to the everyday coffee lover. Our beans are sourced from only the best organic growers from around the world, where they are carefully selected to bring home to you.