Pepper sauce

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Pepper sauce

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Franchise Fees /Unit

8,000 KWD

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15,000 KWD

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2,000 KWD

About Brand

Middle East Region has an amazing Traditional and Oriental Food Cooking style and the Lebanese Cuisines has the best on it.
At Pepper Sauce Cuisine we change that though to develop and express the modern food cooking style.
We prepare the best Lebanese food, and we do so by using fresh products daily, employing traditional techniques in preparing our dishes.
Start with our renowned mezze (starters/appetizers) -- including our specially prepared olives imported from around the world, our "light as air" falafel, adding the sesame seeds and fry crispy savory and crunchy and our famous Pink hummus, undeniably rich...silky...and impossible not to indulge."
You'll enjoy our popular entrees, including delicately marinated grilled meats, and poultry. Served with home made Valle Mohamara with Walnuts and Molasses Paste, also don't forget our popular Motabbal (Charcoal Eggplant served with grenadine seeds and olive oil).
Any salad that contains something deep fried is a good salad, are we right? And that is just what you can expect with Fattoush. With crispy lettuce, bread and veggies, this is an ideal ‘I want to feel like I’m eating healthy, but still taste something’ Fattoush - salad with fried bread and lettuce.
Ooh how we love Tabbouleh! Parsley, mint, tomatoes and a bunch of other yummy stuff come together to make this die-hard side dish
Tabbouleh – Lebanese - Arabic food, salad with garlic and tomato
Nothing beats this traditional Lebanese breakfast made up of thick, creamy labne and olive oil, cheese (baladi, halloumi, akkawi… or all of the above), olives, zaatar, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes from the mint leaves, Arabian bread, and tea.
The Lebanese diet focuses on herbs, spices, and fresh ingredients, relying less on heavy sauces. Mint, parsley, oregano, garlic, allspice, nutmeg, and cinnamon are the most common seasonings.
We, at Pepper Sauce, “mix it all up” with our original international cuisine touch, to deliver unforgettable experience of taste and satisfaction