Rock and Roll Daycare

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Rock and Roll Daycare

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United States

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25,000 $

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• Music based, Montessori inspired childcare for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.
• Premium, all-inclusive childcare experience
• Culturally focused curriculum
• Family-owned; loving staff
• Founded in 2012, providing boutique, storefront childcare centers in a family atmosphere where “everyone knows your name”
• Company vision: “To bring hope to the world by transforming the lives of children
Montessori Inspired Curriculum
• Philosophy based on self-exploration, freedom within limits, and independence
• Respect for each child’s natural, physical, psychological, and social development • Students are supported in becoming active seekers of knowledge
• Materials are made of natural elements, primary colors, and are self-correcting
Proprietary Music Program
• Daily Music Classes (rotating team of music teachers) - 15 min infant class, 25 min toddler class, 75 min preschool class
• Classical, musical yoga, Dalcroze eurythmics, movement & dance, games & storytelling
• Extended music in carefully designed music centers for free music exploration during the school day
• 6 child-led performances each year with special appearances by cultural music/dance groups
• Culturally focused Fiddlefox World Heritage songbook, activity book, and storybook series are
distributed every two months for every child to bring home.