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Kurmalicious Dates Boba & Coffee

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CV.Arkana Berkah Abadi

Produce Kurmalicious Dates Squash, Manage Kurmalicious Dates Boba&Coffee, Manage Kurmoo Kebuli Signature

Our company started in 2017. We produce Kurmalicious Dates Squash, made from middle east dates fruit, with less sugar than ordinary dates syrup and have caramel aroma that can be create as various drink such as dates milk, dates ice, coffee, as a topping/mixture of any dessert (pancake, ice cream, maryam bread,etc), glaze for grilled meat and many more. We have a mission to make dates fruit becoming every day consumption in Indonesia not only at Ramadhan, but with easier, delicious and stylish way. We choose this fruit because dates contain a lot of important nutrition , even in the US and other west country dates already planted & consumed regularly years ago and announced as superfood based on a lot of research.
Thats why we finally decided to make Kurmalicious Tamr (dates) Drink& Coffee in 2018, with many signature dates drink, to make people get the benefit of dates while enjoying the drink. In 2019 we started Kurmoo Kebuli Signature, with dates sliced beef and dates fried chicken combine with kebuli rice as main menu until now. 2020