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Gourmet Pops

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Gourmet Pops

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Gourmet Popsicle also known as “Gourmet Pops” is a Frozen Snack and Dessert brand. Our focus is on All Natural Fruit Ice Popsicles and Gourmet Ice Cream Popsicles. We create a variety of delicious gourmet experiences, including Vegan and Dairy-Free Sorbet and Ice Cream. Our Fruits and Ice Cream Popsicles are Healthier as they have a lower Natural sugar content than commercial ice cream.
Our Team’s savoir-faire which originates from Switzerland, France, Africa, America and Asia; has led to the creation of a gourmet collection of finger foods made from delicious Fresh Fruits, Madagascar Vanilla, Swiss Chocolates and Dairy/Lactose-Free Plant-based milk options.
We do not use any Additives, Colorants or Food Chemicals. Our Pops are prepared using artisanal preparation methods and they truly made with love.

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