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Franchise Fee: 25,000 U$D
Total Project Cost: 80,000 – 300,000 U$D (depending on the Franchise Model)

6 years

MEITO´s Double Decker MEITO´s Express MEITO´s Eatery MEITO´s Mobile


MEITO - time to feel good, where ideas bubble into mouthwatering yumminess as you socialize, recharge and refresh. Get popping our signature Bubble Tea, a stunning combo of low-cal tradition (tea base) and 21st century cool (fun flavors with a choice of popping bobas or jelly toppings). Along with our famous Bubble Tea, get sociable with our ultimate fuel food, from big-hearted burgers and sandwiches over salads to dainty, tasty bites and cheeky desserts. MEITO - your home away from home - fun-infused dink experiences, quality, light food and bubbling company Welcome to love and awesomeness! Welcome to MEITO! 2020