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Branding and Marketing

We are a multicultural full service design firm with multicultural capabilities tapping into all business platforms including branding, advertising, print, interiors, packaging, events, and films.

Headquartered in Bahrain, the firm was established with a vision to build a new type of high impact branding partnering with regional clients across all communication disciplines. Our portfolio includes projects in diverse business categories in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia such as real estate, maintenance and operations, hospitality, medical and health care and entertainment.

The Company has earned a reputation for developing the Gulf’s most iconic brands since 2005. We create niche brands and breathe life into existing brands through the delivery of creative excellence in all form of communications. This forms the basis of competitive advantage and long-term profitability for clients going forward. At MM Brand, we offer strategic partnership that works with our business clients to deliver marketing excellence.

Our Hands – on diverse industry experts have deep knowledge of different product markets and can offer their expertise to tackle and resolve critical communication challenges to achieve desired outcome and create real impact. 2020