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Gaido Water


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PT Gaido Global Energi


PT. Gaido Global Energi is a producer of bottled drinking water or bottled water with its famous brand Gaido Water. The company, based in South Tangerang, has started production since 2012 and has expanded its business by building a bottled water plant in Sukabumi, West Java and Serang, Banten. Gaido Water is healthy bottled water and blessing for those who drink it and become alms for those who buy and sell it.

• Mineral water that is purified into organic water with pH8.
• Prayed directly from the holy city of Makkah Al Mukaraomah by umrah Gaido Travel worshipers on the 16th anniversary of 290 worshipers, led directly by Prof. Dr. KH. M. Fajar Laksana, S.E., CQM, MM, Ph.D. as a guide for Umrah groups
• The Dhikr is recited at each prayer time by the student of the Dzikir Al Fath Islamic Boarding School, Sukabumi, West Java, led by Prof. Dr. KH. M. Fajar Laksana, S.E., CQM, MM, Ph.D. and he is also a descendant of King Siliwangi to XVII.
• As part of the benefits of the Gaido Water business, it is represented for the school fees of the students, students, and students 2020