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The Franchizery

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Franchise Consulting


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Yendy Khayat

Franchise manager


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The Franchizery, is a franchise consulting firm based in Abu Dhabi. The firm's main activities are to evaluate franchise opportunities, assist franchisors in entering new international markets with suitable and successful franchise concepts and support investors based in the Middle East & Africa in identifying suitable franchise investment opportunities.
We can assist you in identifying suitable and successful concepts and acquiring the franchise rights for these concepts across countries and territories using our wide portfolio of franchise concepts across different industries originating from the U.S., Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Singapore, Australia, Lebanon and UAE. These franchisors have a keen interest to find suitable partners in the Middle East & Africa to help them expand their brands into new territories.
On the other hand, in case you wish to sub-franchise your existing franchises, we can assist you through a number of initiatives including lead management, franchise promotion and sale.
Our services include:
• Franchise promotion
• Franchise consulting
• Lead servicing and management
• Franchise development
• Search mandates and engagement
• Franchise performance review
• Franchise sales and acquisition

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