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Ridwan Kanaan

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Event Management & Design
Our long & well-earned experience in events field, give us the ability to design a powerful and well-organized plans to make your vision come to reality. Our various teams work in confidence to cover all the needs for your event during all stages while your event develops. Starting from scratch, we make it happen through designing, implementing, managing, financing, and producing the whole event.
- Designing Event Themes
- Planning & Managing large scale corporate events
- Branding Event Management
- Event human resource & Public relations
- Event Budgeting
Sound Systems:
Clear, flawless and faultless sound is exactly what you need for your event. With the most sophisticated sound systems we offer, you will be able to get such a high class of quality needed to make the job done!
- Professional Audio Recording Studio
- Ground / Line array Speakers
- DJ Systems
- Wide Area Wireless Microphones & Monitoring systems
- Professional Orchestral Sound System Coverage
- Filming Audio
Interpretation & Conference Systems
Nowadays, communication is the nerve of knowledge. But with millions of people speaking thousands of languages, interpretation is needed to make communication as easy as possible for your guests. We have exactly what is need to communicate & interact during your event through our interpretation systems.
- Wired Interpretation Systems
- Wireless Interpretation Systems (Infrared – Radio)
- Interpretation Isolated Booths
- Conference Multi Microphone Systems
Lighting Systems
Life is all about colors … and the best way to make your event come to life is to color it with state of the art lighting systems. With high level of artistic & professional skills that our lighting team has, we offer a wide range of elements that we can use to change your event to a world of life & colors
- Indoor Light Shows & Setup
- Outdoor Light Shows & Setup
- Indoor/Outdoor Laser Shows
- Architectural Light Systems
- Logo Lighting
- Filming Lighting
- LED Dance Floor
Display Systems
With the recent demand of mass marketing & wide range of information that audience need to know, we offer the systems that you can customize to target your exact amount of audience & show your message with style.
- Plasma TV with networking
- Indoor/Outdoor Large Scale Projection
- Indoor/Outdoor Portable LED Screens installation
Photography & Filming
Having the highest level equipment with the best individuals in filming & photography fields, puts us in the first place to offer a broadcasting quality with the quality needed to capture your best moments during your event. Because we know very well that once moments go away, they cannot come back.
- Professional Product & General Photography
- TV Production Unit
- Professional Broadcasting Cameras with crew
- Cranes
- Temporary Studio Arrangement (Decoration – Lighting - Cameras – Staffing)
Staging & Trussing
Temporary & fast solutions are radically needed to have safe, strong, and good looking structures for decoration & equipment. Through a wide range of portable and economical elements we can save the time & the budget needed to complete other parts of your event.
- Heavy & Light Staging:
- Custom Stage Designing & building
- Glass & Lighted Staging
- Ground / Ceiling Type Trussing with electric Lifts
- Exhibition Booth Truss designing & building

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